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Hey! I'm Jake. :> First and for most I am a Freestyler and a mechanics coach. This means that if you are looking to improve anything from mastering the basics and fundimental mechanics of Rocket League like dribbling with the ball on your car and shooting with power, all the way up to full mastery of directional air rolls and mechanics such as flip resets, air dribbling, stalls and even to more unique mechanics such as muliti-dashes, ceiling shu... Read more

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  • Available 4:00 PM Sunday
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This lesson is exactly what it says on the tin! Pick a specific mechanic you would like to learn and I will show you how to do it! This lesson is best for people who have already got a decent foundation and fundimentals in the game prior to the session. However, this does not by any means mean you need to be an insanely mechanical player already.
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