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Hello, I’m OSM! A professional rocket league & RLCS coach with over 10000 hours in the game! I've spent a lot of my hours in Rocket League within the 1v1 scene, reaching Rank 1 several seasons in a row. As well as that, I've also spent a lot of my time Freestyling & mastering any and all mechanics. I’ve faced many challenges whilst on my journey to improve, and I’ve learned a lot through that. I’m here to share that knowledge to make your jour... Read more

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  • Live Sessions starting at $75

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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Live sessions

1 to 1, Live replay analysis & games together! (details below) In a typical 1-to-1 session, I will ask you what you feel has been going wrong in your games. This helps me understand your situation further, but don't worry, even if you're unsure of why you're losing games, that's totally fine too! I’ll do a replay analysis to point out where you’re going wrong & what you shou... Read more


$75.00 USD

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