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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
6 Sessions 6 hours $144

Go full in depth with Yoshi, from the very beginning and basics of the characters mechanics, to the fully advanced movement and options he possesses. Both access to the ULTIMATE YOSHI GUIDE document, a personal document catered to you, recordings included for EVERY SESSION, and a workout plan catered to your skill level!

Sessions Overview

Basic Training

1 hour

Learn all about Yoshis basics, what his moves do, how his mechanics work, and how his kit works together in itself. Will cover basic tech and movement options as well. Recommended for people just picking up the character

Neutral Options

1 hour

Cover how to truly play yoshi. How to get openings, what options are best to use in given neutral scenarios, and how yoshis neutral fairs against the rest of the cast

Advantage State

1 hour

Go in depth as to how yoshis offfensive tools work and in hand with one another. Learn about specific spacings, what to use where and how it all fits together. Will cover yoshis ledgetrapping, edgeguarding, tech chasing, juggling, and more specific states of advantage


1 hour

This is going specifically in depth with yoshis vast combo and kill confirm tree that you can use to your advantage to solidify stocks and

Advanced Tech and Movement

1 hour

Going over more advanced tech, movement, and recoveries. Will explain how these all fit into yoshis ability to expand his options and the cruciality of them. Recommended for those who have experience with the character

Recovery and Disadvantage

1 hour

Learn all about how yoshi can recover in multiple ways, and how to truly play disadvantage using all of his unique mechanics. WIll cover how to deal with landings, ledge trap situations, being stuck in the corner, recovering, and many more

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