**ALL LESSONS 30% OFF for Twitch Subscribers** I was always told "you're bad, and once you realize that, you'll be able to improve." That's true, but if taken too far, this can be just as counterproductive as blaming the game, the balance team, or other external factors. In my active years of League, I constantly wielded self-hatred as a means to improve. All of the pros did it, so wouldn't it be best for me to as well? In my first year, I could never reach gold, despite 400+ ranked games. After that, I hit a three-year plateau, and couldn't hit diamond despite paying for coaching, watching pros, practicing on alternate accounts, etc. I looked into martial arts philosophy, did therapy, and explored lots of contemplative practices like meditation. I always rejected self-gentleness as weakness, as "giving up" on my goals. And yet, when gentleness slowly took root in my mind, the results showed for themselves. I hit diamond within 50 games in Season 8, having never hit it before. I hit Diamond 1 100LP in Season 9. Season 2020 is when I switched over to Tekken. I don't claim to be professional or even semi-pro. But I do know that so many people push themselves to the point where it's counterproductive. I want to hit the middle ground. We can push our limits and reach new heights. We can do so without sacrificing our well-being. If you'd like to join me, I'd like to offer all of the lessons I've learned, as well as my ongoing learning. In addition to talking about in-game improvement, all of my lessons and reviews are open to discussions about frustration, tilt management, and sustainable improvement. I've successfully helped middle-high schoolers, college students, and adults reach their in-game goals. More importantly, however, we were able to make their relationship with the game healthy and enriching. Thanks for reading :)

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