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Hello! Im Wojtek, 26 yo from Gdańsk, Poland. My goal here is to make you a better player but first let me tell you my story so you know who your're workin with. Going back to 2015 I've been an active csgo player for around 7 years now, getting 16 k cs hours on steam. Global elite on valve servers since 2016, lvl 10 3900+ elo on faceit , and rank A+ on esea. During my carrer i've mostly played on Polish scene attending over 30 lan events in t... Read more

Testimonials (9)

  • “Very friendly and knowledgeable coach! He shows you what to change and why, and he takes the time to fully explain how to improve.”


  • “Would highly recommend, very experienced coach with an excellent knowledge of the game. Literally turned the game on it's head for me and my thought process behind it.”


  • “Great coach, good intro and looking forward to a real session”


  • “Pienix is a very experience player and a great guy. He help bring some of that experience that he has from thousands of hours in EU TO HELP IMPROVE MY GAME.”

    David Harris

  • “Gets right down to business. No BS picks out flaws like butter.”


  • “Chill guy, he was very constructive and gave really helpful advices. That was my first expirience with a coach and he didn't disappoint.”


  • “Patient, friendly and an excellent coach.”


  • “Very motivated and patient helping me as a beginner player. Constructive sessions with no time wasted.”


  • “Started to notice progress almost immediately after implementing the warmup routine we came up with.”


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If you wanna improve but are uncertain about getting trained or wanna get to know more about my service, how i coach and check if you vibe with me thats your go to ! We will hop on discord, we'll discuss the training process. I'll answer any questions you've got and give complete picture how i can make you a better player.



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