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I am PJ, a Brazilian pro player since 2015, i am known for being a aggressive player and very creative in the air. Now i am going to say a resume of my story: i have played for The Three Sins, Novus aevis, Erased, Elevate, my most known team were INTZ and i am currently playing for Final Form in RLCS. In SAM i got a lot of 4th, 2nd and even 1st places. As being said i am not a very calm player, but still very smart, even in 50/50 and beats, yo... Read more

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  • “PJ cut right to the heart of our team issues and answered all of my questions in a super fast manner. Really good analysis. Great recommendations. High quality!”

    Sean Steffy

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One of my strongest points is my mechanics, im well-known by it at SAM. First of all you need to say to me what are your issues in mechanics, and what is your skill level at it. Then as i see your mechanics level, i'm going to improve it, and try to give you some tips about better choices in the air depending in your qualities and if good enough, teach you advanced skills.
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