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Hi, I'm predsu or some people know me as the SHADOW MONARCH. I'm a ranked player that moved to KR at the end of 2021 to try to become the first NA import overseas in South Korea. I've hit Radiant on NA almost every act and played in high elo on KR, JP, and HK. I streamed every day from a PC 방 and reached unranked to radiant In KR within 1 week. Then, I reached top 10 on their servers as a foreigner with a language barrier. I made a name for mysel... Read more


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I will watch you play a live session of ranked over discord or past VOD and I will apply my knowledge to help guide you. Depending on the person I can talk between rounds, during the round or after the whole game. I will take notes of the positives in your gameplay and pinpoint the negatives in order to create a custom made improvement plan .
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