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Augmentation Evoker Mastery

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft
3 Sessions 3 hours $159

Regardless of if you are completely new to the class or have been playing it since Dragonflight, I can set you on a path to master the art of Augmentation in Raiding and Mythic+. Together we will tackle the basics of the class, the core rotation, advanced tips, and bring it all together while finding your blindspots so that you can achieve your true protentional.

Sessions Overview

Deep Dive

1 hour

This is where the magic really happens. For the second session, we want to get a picture of where to focus and improve based on the foundation we established in the first session. This will include cooldown usage, buffing, AoE, and other advanced topics. We also correct any mistakes and talk about your progress.


1 hour

At this point everything should be covered, so our goal is to razor focus on the areas we need to improve and cover any questions you may have. This session is all about setting you up so that you can fly like the dragon you are.


1 hour

The first session is all about getting a feel for where you are at and establishing a foundation to build on for the future. By the end of this session you will understand how to play at a basic level.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

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