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I started Melee back in late 2014. Known for my aggressive play especially with Fox, I've been learning a lot through all my Melee career, mainly with the 3 fastfallers which I've been entering tourneys with! I'm currently Top 1-2 in France & Top 20 in Europe, and I'd be really glad to help you step up your game, whether you're a beginner who needs fundamental keypoints of improvement, or a more advanced player who needs to polish their gameplay ... Read more

  • Available 10:00 AM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $10


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee

3 lessons

Live sessions

1/1 Lesson with me. We can play matches, review some of your sets and then I'll pinpoint main areas where you need to improve, and will give you exercices so you can practice more efficiently


$20.00 USD

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