Ray Rizzo

Professional Pokémon Player & Coach



Hello! I'm Ray, and I've achieved everything there is to achieve as a Professional Pokémon Player. I've also worked for The Pokémon Company International to deliver live on-air commentary at multiple Regional, International, and World Championships around the world. I have 3 years of professional experience teaching in public schools, so I can work with anyone of any age or experience level. Whatever your goals are with competitive Pokémon in Sca... Read more

  • Available 7:00 AM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $40
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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

3 lessons

Live sessions

This is my live 1:1 coaching session. We can cover any topic you wish to improve at, from teambuilding, to decision-making in battle, to general preparation for an upcoming Regional or International Championship. This plan will be tailor made to your own unique goals, experience, and skill level.
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$80.00 USD

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