SSBU Coach, Pit/Link specialist



I'm a top Pit and Link player with around 5 years of competitive experience under my belt, currently being considered one of the best players in Oceania. I played Pit all through smash 4, picking up Link in Ultimate and have extensive knowledge on these characters. I'm known for being a dedicated labber and a very technical player. I can also play a wide variety of characters and can provide you advice or experience for any matchup in the game! ... Read more


  • Taking a break, back soon!
  • Live Sessions starting at $10


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

I will watch VODs with you, play games with you and stream training mode so we can lab answers together in order to give you detailed advice on how to improve


$15.00 USD

This coach is taking a break, but they will be back soon

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