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Rein Skittles


Hello everyone, the name is Rein Skittles, I am a Wario main with a co main of incineroar, weird combo right lol, I’ve been coaching for 3 years. I love to help those that have a passion for the game and is willing to improve no matter what. I’ve coach almost 200+ students and coach other coaches too. I have a few secondaries I’m confident in coaching as well high level wise, we have wolf, byleth, joker, aegis,Dk,samus,bowser,yoshi, and some fgc characters. I can coach you anything you’d like to learn!! - neutral - fundementals - combos for certain characters - execution - how to play in advantage and disadvantage -edge guarding/ ledge trapping And more I’ve been playing the game for 4 years now and love meeting other amazing players. That’s all I got haha, I hope I get to have a session with you all and have fun!!!

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