Hey! I'm Rev, I'm the second best Yoshi in Europe besides nebbii results-wise with wins over many top 50 EU players. I'm also currently ranked number 6 in one of the most stacked regions in Europe, Stockholm. If you're looking to learn how to play Yoshi (or even how to play against Yoshi) I'm your guy! I'm a coach by trade and have been for 3+ years, working with people who have autism and other neuropsychiatric divergences in order to help them set and achieve goals in their day to day life. In my job as a coach I've learnt the importance of adapting my lessons to best fit the learning style of my student. I have also been a melee coach for Kone's academy for more than a year to much success, to name an example; NVZ. NVZ had been playing for 4 years prior to receiving coaching from me and had recently switched to Yoshi. NVZ had never been ranked nationally or placed better than top 64 at majors. After receiving coaching from me for a couple of months NVZ started getting multiple top 32 placements at online majors in 2021, finished off the year with placing 25th at HFlan 2021 and even got ranked on the Netherlands national PR for the first time debuting at rank #12! I'm a student of Druggedfox for over three years now and have learned a lot from him and how he views the game. I've also taken multiple lessons from aMSa and talked to him a lot through the years for more specific Yoshi knowledge. In my work as a coach I try to use the width of melee knowledge I've aquired from the many hours of analysis done by myself and with other great melee minds and combining that with my own professional coaching experience to create lessons that are hand crafted to be best suited for each student depending on what they feel like they want to learn. Here's a link to a sample lesson, it's my first lesson with one of my (now) long time students LittleCoaks:

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Melee lesson

1:1 live session where we talk about melee and how you can improve. I'm willing to talk about anything from framedata to mentality. The format of the lesson can also vary depending on what you want. I'm open to vod review of yourself or a player of your choice, netplay practice or even just a voice call where we talk about what your goals are in smash. I'm flexible and will do my best to best suit your needs and help you improve!

1 Session 1 hour

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