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The best coach on Metafy for those on a budget! Come to me if you need a step-by-step guide on how to improve as someone who is new to the game, if you need help with figuring out how to rank up, or if you’re an aspiring professional player who isn’t sure what next steps are needed in order to get to that level. I will teach you the important concepts that you need in a manner that is easy to follow, understand, and digest. I will show you how ... Read more

Testimonials (5)

  • “Rex0 is very methodical. He will provide you with the underlying fundamentals of the game and help you lay out an achievable improvement plan for yourself.”


  • “i did the introduction session and it went pretty great, he explained his methods and how his coaching worked. I'm definitely going through with his coaching.”

    ana lopess

  • “So, ive been doing coaching with Rex0 one time a week for an entire month and 1 week say my results: Before starting the coaching with Rex0 i was gold 3, and i was able to climb up to plat 3 with only smoker (viper) and then rank up with reyna on diamond. My journey with Rex0 was nice, even outside the sessions he answered to my questions and putting me on the right track. As i said on the previous review with Rex0 its easy to take confidence with him and as a result it becomes easyer to talk about in which aspects you lack and how to work on it If you think that only Rexe's coaching can take u from gold 3 to beeing able to compete in diamond you would be mistaken. Like in sports, the biggest difference is made by the athlete not by the coach in my opinion, so if you let Rex0 guide you and you follow the tasks that he gives you with consistency im pretty sure u can surpass my results since im a slow learning person. Now some question that i got asked while doing Rex0's coaching from other people: Do you think its worth the money? I think its up to you if its worth it or not. To me it was worth it because i got the opportunity to see how i need to think in game and beeing more efficent on fixing my bad habits. How much do you played? I did 1.45 hrs of training daily during the whole journey How many people do u think can reach that result? Take my answer with a gran of salt since this is my pure opinion based on what i saw playing fps for 8 yrs. Most people can do what i did but you have to get the work in, and beeing consistent its the key. I know its sounds boring but there isnt a short cut. If u follow Rexo's guidence u can definitely reach my resoults if u are in my same situation (gold 3/plat 1) or even surpass them.”


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First time here? Maybe it's your first time coming to a coach. Whatever the reason may be I am here to help guide you onto the right path for you. These sessions will include a quick consultation and assessment of your skills, and some basic coaching! *1 MAX PER STUDENT*