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Halo Infinite Boot Camp!

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite
4 Sessions 4 hours $475

Welcome! My Halo Infinite Boot Camp will give you access to 4 sessions ranging from getting to know where you stand in the competitive halo scene to developing a structure for you to follow and implement in every game to ensure further success. I look forward to having a consistent and meaningful boot camp :)

Sessions Overview

Week 1 - Baseline Assessment

1 hour

This first session will help me in understanding your current knowledge and explore basic Halo principle.

Week 3 - Vod Review

1 hour

Week 3 will have relative format to the week prior but far more critical and informative, with me providing additional goals to accomplish in and out of game.

Week 2 - Vod Review and Written Assessment

1 hour

Week 2 will begin with gameplay of your choice, I do recommend that you select vod from scrims or tournament play but matchmaking is accepted as well. We will watch your vod and you will be provided with live commentary and a written review for guidance.

Week 4 - Vod Review and Written Assessment

1 hour

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