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My name is SamteaSilver, formerly known as Yoomoo. I am regarded as a top Mario player with wins on PGR level players such as Ned, Stroder, Ikan, Zinoto, SHADIC, and more. Throughout my 6 years of competition, I have accumulated knowledge about competing in Super Smash Brothers. Using these experiences, I have helped some of my peers in my region become top level threats. Notably, I have helped players such as Burst (IL) and Dr. YumYumYum improv... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

5 lessons

Live sessions

We can play games, ask questions, go over VODS, or do a combination of the three. I can talk to you through discord (if you want) and I will give you live feedback throughout the session. The session will be recorded upon request and uploaded to my Youtube.
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