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Feel Free to message me directly on Discord to organize sessions at any time! Notable Players I Coached, Absolute Leverage -WondaMIke -Radoko -Kinseh Affinity (In Preparation for RLCS X) -Jordan -MajicBear -Percy Gentlemen -Cheese -NoMansion -BlazeRL -Kayex Scuzz Esports -Aris -Saya -Eris Charlotte Phoenix -Tvaristo -Daunt -Wahvey -Spyder Check out my Youtube Channel Linked here to get an idea of what I teach and how i generally do it.

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Welcome to the Big Leagues

Congrats on going Pro! You now have the ability to offer paid sessions, groups, and guides. You also get access to The Handbook and even more resources to help you grow your business into the powerhouse we know it can be.