Hello! My nickname is Sebekx and I'm 27 years old, I'm a Pro League of Legends player. I play this game since Season 1. Last 10 years I've reached Challenger rank on EUW every season, also last year I got Challenger within 2 weeks on Korean Server. My best competetive achivements are: 1st place Ultraliga Season 8 1st place PG Nationals Summer 2021 1st place PG Nationals Spring 2021 2nd place European Masters 2018 Spring Main Event You can check my achivements here: https://lol.fandom.com/wiki/Sebekx My accounts here: https://lolpros.gg/player/sebekx Reaching Challenger on Korean server: https://twitter.com/Sebekx02/status/1526213695734308864 I'll share with you knowledge and wisdom I gathered from all of the years I play this game. I will teach you how to become a better player and tell you what is the best approach, if you want to climb in soloQ. I'm able to coach in a lot of different areas such as: - Mental, approach - Macro - Laning phase • Wave managment • CSing • Trading • Reseting • Roams • Warding • Posisioning - Champion choice and knowledge - How to play in mid/late game - Mechanics - Teamfighting - Runes and items choice - Meta understanding - Playing with vision - Match ups I will share with you tips how to treat soloQ to have the highest chance of winning every single game. If you need more information, feel free to DM me!

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