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I’m a Global Elite, level 10 faceit. Started playing CS:GO in the end of 2014, my first ever rank was silver 1 (yep, the worst rank in the game, it was my first ever fps game) and worked my way up to level 10 faceit and been there for about 2 years maybe more (which is the highest you can get), so what i mean by this is that i have gone through every single rank and i can help everyone do it too as long as they are willing to. I have coached/anal... Read more

  • Available 9:00 AM Tuesday
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Live sessions

What would the sessions consist of: -We will arrange a date that best suits both sides and talk a little bit through discord about how you view yourself as a player, some self-examination on your part, so that i can get to know you as a player -In some cases, we might review a demo together where, as you do the mistakes in the demo, i will explain why that was a mistake and h... Read more


$15.00 USD