My name is Shackle, Since childhood, I've been playing competitive FPS games, CS 1.6, and CS:GO, now I'm only playing VALORANT since it came out. At first, I got placed in Bronze and I solo qued all the way to immortal throughout the seasons. I saw my improvement and at first, I helped my friends rank up, when I saw the success figured I can pass that to any player, so this is how my journey started. I have a lot of experience and understanding ... Read more

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In this Coaching session, I will first review a match of yours, takes notes, and write my insights on what fundamentals to focus on. After it's done we'll hop on Discord and go through it right before entering a live coaching match, where you'll screen-share your game. Since we already went through what to focus on this will make you much more alert so you'll feel improvement a... Read more


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