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My name is Silenx aka Jon. I have over 5000 hours in VALORANT and have been competing as a pro player in the T1/T2 scene since the start. I competed with the original 100 Thieves roster alongside the likes of Asuna, nitr0, Hiko, diceyzx, and steel. Afterwards, I played on Knights for half a year until I took a break from VAL because of IRL, but now I'm back and competing for Ascension while streaming high-leaderboard NA Radiant Ranked on a near-d... Read more

Testimonials (27)

  • “Loved working with Silenx! I've been stuck in a knowledge plateau recently and he really helped out in pointing out my mistakes and what I need to work on! :)”


  • “Extremely knowledgeable and was able to point out my major areas to focus on. Answered all of my questions in detail and corrected some of my misconceptions”


  • “Great first session! Silenx made insightful comments regarding my gameplay and how to improve.”


  • “Was very in detail about any mistakes made. 10/10 extremely friendly, understanding, and just overall an amazing coach. Definitely going to reach out again”

    Daniel Martinez

  • “Silenx a patient and amiable coach who addressed in a thorough manner about the issues I had with my fundamentals. Without a doubt, I will be scheduling again!”


  • “First time doing a metafy with a VALORANT coach and Silenx is a great choice when it comes to learning and VOD Reviews.A great person and I definitely recommend”

    SI Stingrayvanna

  • “this guy knows his shit and goes super in depth. the lesson was dense, every part was valuable and i learned new things even with hundreds of hours played”


  • “Great first experience with coaching. The points he brought up really helped put concrete reasons to issues I've been having. Definitely coming back. <3”


  • “Silenx is a fantastic coach, super knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Made me see the mistakes I was making and how to fix them in an understandable way.”


  • “Like a doctor, he diagnoses your game, prescribes you the medicine to cure it's flaws.”


  • “Really quick at noticing what you need to improve on the most and he gives you simple and actionable steps to improve it, really vouch for his coaching!!!”

    Avery Wilde

  • “I have had many coaches and silenx is as expected the best by far. deep understanding, communicated comprehensively, friendly, patient. I'm buying again already”


  • “Silenx is a fantastic coach. As a low Elo player he catered his explanations of basic concepts to where I understood them.”


  • “Silenx was super friendly, and extremely helpful. Will definitely be coming back and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to rank up !”

    Chase Cannon

  • “out of like 8 or so coaches silen has by far been the best. Homie is so thorough and all the info he gives is easier to understand.”


  • “Was a fantastic experience! Silenx explained the fundamentals and other questions that I had clearly and in depth. I'll 100% be booking more sessions with them!”


  • “Jon was very helpful and seemed to take personal interest in me as a player. He answered all my questions, provided the VOD, and made a summary. Very Nice too.”


  • “Amazing session - Super nice, stayed longer then he should, took extra time to explain things. 10/10 will come back to learn! Recommend to everyone!”


  • “Did a fantastic job when it came to breaking down each round and picking apart what i could do better. If you are looking to improve this is your guy”


  • “Was honest & informative on many things in session. He took time to critique where I went wrong & gave great tips on how to fix it. He made a great impression!”


  • “I was nervous that it was going to be awkward and it would impede my learning but he was very kind and got info out quickly and cohesively. Thank you o7”


  • “Cool dude + he explains things well”


  • “,i choose siren due to him playing at a much higher level then most coach’s. he really went to depth on what i needed :) def will be buying more sessions”


  • “Very knowledgeable dude and seems very willing to help people progress and learn the game. I plan to apply steps learned today and get back in touch.”


  • “I had a very insightful session with Silenx! He told me all about the weak points of my play and showed me alternatives to what I could do. Highly recommend!”


  • “He went into great depth on my Strengths and weaknesses and what I could improve upon. Definitely recommend.”


  • “Silenx was able to instantly tell me what I did wrong. He even went over the time limit to clarify what i was doing wrong. 10/10 would get coached again.”


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Live sessions

This is the session for building good mechanical habits and correcting existing issues that the student already has. Concepts discussed in this session are usually, but not limited to: optimizing crosshair placement, developing good peeking habits, gunfight hygiene, and ideal movement mechanics tailored to win more fights. Afterwards, you'll receive an in-depth session summary ... Read more


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