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Hey I am Skilshot, I have been working as a professional coach for over 4 years mainly focussing on soloq improvements, teaching the "1v9" playstyle. Some might also know me from SkillCapped where I work as a challenger jungle specialist while also uploading commentaries each week. Because I am finishing my studies at university I have not attempted pro play so instead decided to work as a coach. Video about me by Skillcapped: How this Jungler Re... Read more

Testimonials (2)

  • “Never thought I was trolling as the carry of the game, Skilsh0t went over some clear trolling I was doing in some of the games I was playing.”


  • “Went over all the common mistakes I did and gave me so much points to work on and to improve. Really good coach, explains things calmly just an L9 coach overall”


  • Available 7:30 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $20

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In this session, I will screen share a game that I am playing in exactly the same elo as you are in! I will ask you questions all the time throughout this session so we will see in real time when your decisions deviate from mine.


$35.00 USD

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