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Welcome to My Page! 🌟 Here's a short Coaching Intro (30s) → I've been playing Valorant since Beta, peaking Top 600 Immortal 3 (Solo Q/Fill), and helping over 500 students improve and reach their goals. Experience I have taught every kind of player from Iron to Radiant as well as collegiate teams! My students better understand the game, play at their best and learn concepts at a level so high they're in the clouds. W... Read more

Testimonials (17)

  • “Straightforward explanations. Strictly and on point. Helped me distinguish my weaknesses and told me how to work on those.”


  • “Slayerkey is an incredibly knowledgeable coach with a style that encourages you to not only learn about the game, but develop your thinking process and how you should approach the game. He is also very generous with his time - we went a little bit over because i had a lot of questions and he didn't have any problems taking that extra time to make sure i knew what i needed to know to improve. Within a few rounds he was already able to pick out one of my major issues which was coming up with a mini plan to coordinate with teammates better. We talked a lot about post plant which was another one of the big issues i had - where to play, how to play with teammates, how to comm and more. Overall it was a very good experience and i would book another session with him.”


  • “This session was absolutely fantastic i love how slayer breaks everything down and makes everything so much simpler than how my mind processes it these sessions are very much helping me as i have already ranked up twice thank u slayer”


  • “Before meeting this dude, my aim was all over the place. I couldn't stick to a sensitively and I on the verge of quitting. But after a few sessions, my aim is heading in the right direction. And his prices are cheap and affordable. Awesome dude overall.”

    james “collier” hash

  • “Slayer explained concepts in a simple way that I really needed to learn; I learned that as Jett, I should play in very random/unpredictable areas on defense. Really great price for really insightful information.”


  • “very chill guy but also really knowledgable, definitely recommend getting coaching from slayer + he's got many options to learn :)”


  • “Perfect teacher, he explains everything in basic steps to understand how to use your agent! Recommend him for sure.”


  • “Super chill to go over what you need exactly to achieve the rank you want! I'll be booking many future lessons!”


  • “Fantastic coach super helpful helped me realize a lot of little things I could do to improve my coms and util usage would highly recommend 10/10”

    Josh Gonzales

  • “A person with an amazing feedback to help you improve at whatever you need to work on.”


  • “really good teaching and coaching.”


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