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I'm Smuggles and I'm a semi-professional Guilty Gear Strive player. You might have seen me take a couple names at bigger offline events and show up in a few online brackets. Some of my favorite offline tournament results include Top 35 at Frosty Faustings 2022, Top 50 at Evo 2022, and 9th at Dreamhack Atlanta 2022. Going into 2023 I hope to keep pushing myself and achieving better results consistently. I have done a lot of coaching amongst friends and other Strive players over the course of the game's life. I've seen many different playstyles and can understand players' perspectives well. It's very important to understand why someone does things the way they do, so I can help them change in ways beneficial to them. I like to coach in ways that build someone's understanding of core concepts and promotes better problem solving skills. You need to understand why you should or shouldn't do something before your fingers follow suit. Every session will be geared towards solving problems that you experience in real matches, and the process of solving those problems will build up your labbing skills, adaptation, and strategic decision making. A training session isn't a good one if I don't ask you a question you've never thought about before.

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