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Hey! I go by Soul Snipe, I'm a professional halo player for Pioneers. I’ve been playing halo since I was 10, and started competing in about 2016 when I found myself start becoming successful in 2018. From 2018 until now, I’ve found myself placing top 6 in the 3 most recent major LAN events, and placing very well in other online tournaments ran by HCS. I know what it takes to become great and I have the experience to teach it :)

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Halo Infinite

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Want me to dive into a call with you and your team? The "Team Map Review" lets you go into theater with me and watch an entire map and break it down for an hour to point out your weak spots, help show you guys the importance of weapon control, help show you guys the main "objective" on the map, and help show you guys what you do well to keep doing it!
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