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My name's Sully, I've been playing video games since I was 8 years old! When I started playing Valorant I started out as a Gold player, I am now an 7x Immortal. I have a really good taste of how the game works and can help provide very important fundamentals that's needed! I'm also Deaf so I have INSANE game sense because that's what helps me win games! I've hit Immortal a total of 7 times! I love talking about the game of Valorant so if you hav... Read more

  • Available 12:00 AM Friday
  • Live Sessions starting at $15
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6 lessons

Live sessions

This will be a live coaching session on stream where we hop into discord and talk EVERYTHING about Valorant. If you're a new incoming player this plan is FOR YOU. We will talk about the fundamentals, how to play your role, how to play the objective, AND much more!


$20.00 USD

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