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Who am I: I am an immortal Valorant player with over 1500 hours in the game, and thousands in first person shooters across the board. I love coaching, and my main focus will always be your improvement. I would welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge of the game so you can achieve your goals. Why me: As a player I have experience in competitive tournaments and have scrimmed with high level immortal and radiant players as an IGL. However, I know what it is like to feel stuck in this game because in the first few acts I was stuck in gold/platinum. I really believe I have formulated my process and I can use it to help others achieve the same things and more. As a coach I have helped many players reach diamond/immortal, and some of my clients have jumped 6+ rank divisions, with one jumping 12. (silver to immortal). I welcome anyone to join my discord server, where lots of my students proudly post their rank-ups and achievements! I strongly believe I can find the things holding you back, big or small !! What we'll work on: - The basics/mechanics - Crosshair placement - Game sense/deeper thinking and strategy - Agent roles, playstyles and how to frag/provide value as any agent - positioning - advanced economy tips - aim training and warmup - finding the right sensitivity and proper mouse control - timing (how to be ready for every encounter) - how to clutch more rounds - Micro and macro play Most importantly, anything else that I think will help you! Join the discord server for more info:

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1:1 live VOD analysis

You’ll send me a game you’ve recorded for us to go over together. We'll talk about various ways you can improve efficiently, and fix your mistakes. Since you won’t be playing live, we’ll get a chance to review your micro/macro play. Below are some examples of micro/macro skills that I’ve broken up into mechanical, and mental. Think of these micro/macro skills as things that happen faster and more often throughout the game. Micro/Macro play: (MECHANICAL) - aim adjustments - movement - peeking properly - holding good angles - and more (MENTAL) - quick decision making - Focus and reaction time - Timing - and more

1 Session 1.5 hours
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Free intro lesson

A free intro session to introduce you to the type of coaching I do if you'd like to compare my services to others, or if you're new to coaching and would like any questions answered about the process.

1 Session 30 mins
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Live game analysis *with notes*

I will watch you play one game live and talk to you between rounds about the things you need to improve on. I'll be taking notes the whole time on important points from the game, and send them to you at the end of the session.

1 Session 1 hour
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Accelerated learning | Coaching on a budget |

The best package for those who need a nudge in the right direction. Includes: - Aim training, overview including aim routine advice - Sensitivity briefing - Deathmatch review - 3+ clips reviewed - 1+ round review (optional)

2 Sessions 1 hour
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UNLIMITED COACHING: 2-4 rank divisions | Read description |

I will coach you until you rank up 4 divisions (Iron - Ascendant) If you're Ascendant I'll coach you to immortal. If you're immortal+ I will coach you until you rank up 2 divisions.

2 Sessions 2 hours
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VALORANT All-inclusive training plan

This will be the end all-be all, last stop regiment for improving in VALORANT. It will include every tool I can use to make you a better player, over the course of 3 days! Includes: - Live and recorded game analysis - Aim training (the range, deathmatch, and aimlab) - Notes that cover the key points of each session - Custom game demonstration

3 Sessions 3 hours

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