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Hey there! My name is Tarik, I'm 20 years old and i'm a professional Smash Ultimate player. I started playing in 2015 with Smash 4 but started really competing in Ultimate. I'm currently ranked top 5 in EU and 69th in the UltRank (World Rank). I've been coaching for a few years now. I've coached a lot of players by helping them achieve the next level of their own, from low- to high level. I've got people on their PRs, help beating their bracket ... Read more

Testimonials (20)

  • “Really good coach. We went over a lot of stuff that I didn't know about and just a friendly coach in general.”


  • “Lovely individual, helped me with some concepts and I'm trying them as i write this. Would book again 100%”


  • “Very good experience and very good explanation, it has helped me a lot to improve and to see the game and the gameplay of greninja in a different way :)”


  • “My lessons with Tarik were a lot of fun and he showed me how to apply things I struggled with into practice against the characters I needed help against.”


  • “Literally the friendliest coach I ever had. The only guy that could teach you how to beat Bloom4Eva whilst explaining why he thinks cats are cuter than dogs.”


  • “Extremely friendly and nice, very enjoyable to talk to and play with. Showed me my weaknesses and strengths and taught me a ton of stuff with all his game exp.”


  • “Tarik has helped me a lot over the past year and my metafy session was exactly what I needed in that moment to improve my game. My results have skyrocketed!!”


  • “Extremely helpful session with Tarik! Helped me to form a gameplan for the Kauya MU, but also bettered my knowledge of the game overall! Would 100% recommend!”


  • “Tarik ist not only a friendly Coach he is also a really good player. You can really see that he is trying to help you. would recommend 100%”


  • “really nice person and a really understanding coach. Very helpful with things that I need help on.”


  • Available 8:00 PM Tuesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $15
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Lets talk about your problems and see, if you're the right fit to my coaching style! We'll just catch up and see, if a lesson is really worth for you :) It doesn't take 30 minutes. Expect it to be around 10-15 minutes!