hey guys, i am now coaching on please book a session there or add me on discord -> "thwifo"

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things i would go over include - giving you a good aiming routine - fixing your posture when playing for most optimal aim - help refine your fundamentals when peeking / movement - answer any questions about peripherals / setups - optimize your pc (ask for this if you think you need it)

1 Session 1 hour
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**REQUIREMENTS** - HAVE VOD UPLOADED (please.) youtube works fine - try to have a plan in mind each round, so we can talk about what you were thinking of doing - has to be a close game, preferrably no 13-0's - choose a game where you struggled / didnt know what to do. don't show off your excellent gameplay come to improve a different non biased perspective watching over your gameplay is completely different than watching it yourself.this is the best session to get if you are struggling with making the correct decisions ingame.

1 Session 1 hour
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holidays coming around + im moving out of my apartment so only doing offline vod reviews for a minute. **REQUIREMENTS** - leave your rank / peak rank - leave a note describing what you think you are struggling with - check scoreboard every freeze time

1 Session 1 hour
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DUELIST PLAN **12% off**

whatever duelist agent you want, we'll start off with understanding WHY you play "x" duelist and how to use them to get kills. each agent in the game has their own speciality, understanding and playing to its strengths are super important. after we talk about that and figure out your options, we can go into live ranked games

4 Sessions 4 hours
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PUSH THE LIMIT **15% OFF** !!!!!!

aim session to perfect mechanics vod review to review your own decision making live ranked review so we can talk each round on what to do for a kill >:)

3 Sessions 3 hours
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want a custom plan?

say less, join my discord and add me. my disc is just "thwifo" we can talk about what might work best for you!

2 Sessions 2 hours
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6x vod reviews

6 Sessions 6 hours

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