Hello guys, my name is Bane and I'm 28 years old. My history of MOBAs includes playing Warcraft 3 since its beginnings and Heroes of Newerth and it has always been my passion. First off, I feel really confident considering my knowledge about the game since I've devoted almost all my life to this game, so I feel everyone approaching me would not be a waste of time in any way. I am really familiar with all roles including itemization, laning phase, mid game, game-ending decisions etc. Choosing me as a coach will mean you get guidance and identification on your core problems from someone with years of experience and deep understanding and insight about this amazing complex game. Coaching consists of: -Individual student tracking -Power-point presentations and drawings all made to match student needs. -Drawing on screen and visual presentations. -Teaching students how to fish rather than giving them a fish. As well as playing 1v1 matchups , to analyzing replays, understanding hero advantages / disadvantages, farming efficiency, map awareness & camera movement, item tracking, playing games together and spectating your games and then point out all your DOs and DON'Ts. Hope to meet everyone and exceed their expectation of a coaching session while still having fun!

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