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Currently working for the Pittsburgh Knights, I am a Tier 1/2 Valorant coach for teams full of top 50/top 100 players. I am a previous ESEA-Adv player and ESEA-Advanced/MDL CSGO coach. I have also played Professional Rocket League (Top 8-16 NA). I have peaked top 30 all-time in overwatch, top 100 role queue, and #2 in open queue. I understand the ins and outs of being a professional player and improving to that point.

  • Available 12:00 AM Tuesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $70
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Live sessions

Prior to our session I will quickly review some of your recorded gameplay. I will go over my notes with you in a discord call, we will also hop into a custom server to go over fundamental necessities. From there I can watch you play a match with me giving you tips and insight as the match goes on. I am flexible on what specifically you want to work on for these sessions.
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$70.00 USD

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