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Hello! My name is Tord Reklev, mostly known for winning all 4 Internationals in the Pokemon Trading Card Game and finishing 4th place at the World Championship. Over the last few years, I have devoted a lot of my time to coaching. I can offer a unique view into the highest level of the game, and I know I can help elevate you as a player. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, looking forward to meeting you!

Testimonials (18)

  • “Tord is very approachable and calm, his level of understanding is leagues above everyone. How he passes it on is also very short simple and easy to understand”


  • “With Tord’s help my son finished with a winning record at the World Championships and recently won his first Regional Championship. Tord is amazing!”


  • “Such an amazing experience to be thought by one of the best! Learned a lot and eager to put his teachings into my own games! Truly recommend, thank you much <3”

    Colin Hawley

  • “Tord is an amazing Pokémon TCG instructor! His insight and guidance were invaluable. Highly recommend him if you want to take your skills to the next level.”


  • “Tord is incredibly insightful and answers questions with a very clear, concise manner that anyone can understand. I will definitely be coming to him again!”


  • “Tord will open your mind to other ways to see the game and all the decisions you can make in a turn. Definitely worth it! :)”

    Paulo Chehadi

  • “I was both hyped and incredibly nervous to train with Tord. He's one of the best in the TCG for a reason. He was really professional and made me feel much more confident in my decision making and sequencing. His advice is now constantly at the forefront of my mind when playing. I'm new to being coached but I felt like this was totally worth it and highly recommend him! Plus he's just a great guy overall and really friendly and encouraging!”


  • “If you were on the fence, look no further. TordTCG is not only a fantastic person but the XP he shares in such a short time will forever change your gameplay.”


  • “Very efficient and concrete lesson. You feel very comfortable during the conversation because Tord is a warm and joyful person :) Thank you very much.”


  • “The best coaching their is. His perspective is like no other. Do not waste more time. Book today. 10/10”


  • “He gave me some tips and drills to help with being consistent. This helped me keep calm in my next league cup and take 3rd in a difficult field of players.”


  • “TordTCG is the best Pokémon TCG coach I've had! He is very thorough in his explanations and can help you nonmatter what level of player you are! 10/10 for sure!”


  • “I highly recommend choosing Tord as your coach for any goal you want to achieve. Very Professional and he make sure we get all the knowledge we need to know :D”


  • “It was a pleasure having a lesson with Tord. He's able to explain complex scenarios, and is able to walk through his thought process clearly. Very friendly!”


  • “I’m super happy to learn from the best.”


  • Available 2:00 PM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $70
  • flexible Cancelation Policy


Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG

2 lessons

Live sessions

We will work together, set realistic goals, and make sure you improve and find success at the top tables. You will of course also get access to my most recent favorite decks and lists, and how to play them. Please message me if you want weekly sessions at a set time for a discounted price.
Session quantity Price
3 - 4 5% off
5+ 10% off


$70.00 USD