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My name is trill, I am a professional Rocket League coach. As a coach, I have gotten top 8 twice, top 6 twice, top 4 once and first place once. I also have experience doing over 300 clientele coaching sessions from players ranging from silver-ssl. As a player I have reached SSL and peaked at over 2100 mmr on Standard 3v3. I specialize on explaining concepts to improve or play competitively at the highest level.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

4 lessons

Live sessions

(Available between 8pm EST-11am EST) This lesson is primarily for high level players who are looking to get into the bubble/pro scene. This package will focus on how to develop and refine skills that are needed to compete at the highest level. This will involve me asking the client questions such as: Motivation, and Goals. GC - SSL+
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$25.00 USD

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