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Hello! My name is Tristan (.tristn), I am currently a Professional Rocket League player for eUnited alongside a Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) player. Achievements Top 4 Grid RLCSX RLCSX FALL Major RLCSX Top 8 Regional BTS Top 4 WSOE Top 5 3X CRL Champion-CSL Champ-Playvs Champ-CCA Summer Champ-Tiktok Champ-UMG Champ- Teams: CRL AKRON NEFARIOUS RLRS SEASON 6 SUB RLCSX eUnited Ranked: 1v1 Top 100 2v2 Top 100 (2200+ MMR peak... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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1:1 live session The foundation of this session will be going over 3-4 replays and talking about what you're trying to improve, where you could have done something more, and ways to improve and make the situation easier. Although this is the foundation of this session, I like to leave it up to the student as in using the session in different ways, talking about the game, comi... Read more


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