I like to think with about 14k hours played in this game (Xbox and PC), I might have learned a thing or two! Capably able to work with any of the games many operators, knowing all maps like the back of my hand, and having been the IGL of a completive siege team for over 5 years, I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with anyone that is willing to take it! Whether looking to improve in competitive play or trying to climb the ranked ladder, I am here to help! My lessons are built not only to teach you what angles to hold or where to put your utility. Any YouTube video can show you a clever spot or two. My goal is to teach you how to learn - so you can understand how to find them on your own. Learn how to use destruction optimally use destruction to your advantage. Learn the science of how best to hide Valkyrie Cams. Learn best practices for placing Castle barricades. Understanding the theory behind gadgets and how best to use them is the key to being able to strategize on the fly and see the most improvement.

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