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Hello! I'm Lydia, a Professional VALORANT player that is wanting to help share my knowledge and skill of the game to help those wanting to improve or even get into competitive play! I have competed at a Professional level this past year. I am a Game Changers player who was signed to Immortals for the entirety of 2022. The team and I accomplished a lot together - We won the Astral Clash 2022 First Qualifier event - https://www.vlr.gg/event/1096/a... Read more

Testimonials (3)

  • “Amazing coach gave me some exercises to do and help with my aim. Doing them today I can definitely see an improvement.”


  • “My coaching session was really beneficial. She was really nice. I learned a few smokes that were better than the ones I was using and she gave me great notes.”


  • “Lydia reviewed a VOD for me and gave me some great feedback and specific examples where I can improve with my utility usage and overall game play. TYSM !!!!”


  • Available 6:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $30

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((mainly for players anywhere from iron-diamond)) A quick coaching session that'll go over basic fundamentals and mechanical aspects for a player to learn and improve on:> We'll hop in a call and discuss what you think you need help with then go anywhere from a custom to a former vod for referencing points ^.^


$30.00 USD

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