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WANT THE SESSION STREAMED? YOU MUST BOOK SESSION 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE + COMMUNICATE WITH ME!!! I am available on Xbox, PlayStation & Steam covering all platforms! https://platinumcitygaming.com/esports-gaming-coaches I AM THE LEGENDARY HANDS-ON TRAINING & PROFESSIONAL COACH. I AM THE GATEKEEPER OF SMASH & 3D FIGHTING GAMES. ARE YOU READY TO BECOME THE BEST OR ONE OF THE BEST IN ESPORTS? I CREATE CHAMPIONS! https://twitter.com/LordXav1er/status/1327465913231216640?s=19 www.linkedin.com/in/xavier-burrell-1992a09 https://matcherino.com/u/UGS%20LordXav1er/729305/events https://www.ssbwiki.com/Smasher:LordXav1er https://fightinggameaccessories.com/?page_id=168 https://www.proguides.com/coach/lordxav1er Competing since age 9 started in Melee now nearing 30 years old and still in the Smash Ultimate & 3D Fighter competitive scenes. I can teach various skill sets for new aspiring star players in various fighting games (3D Fighters & Smash exceptionally well). For Dead Or Alive 6 I am known as the #1 Hitomi in the world running its discord server and helping the DOA community in New England / around the world daily always being super active. I am also North East Championship 20 Champion! For Soul Calibur 6 I am one of the best Hilde players since 2015 in Soul Calibur 5 that also can play Seong Mi-Na, Taki and Tira at high competitive levels. I teach a lot of players the fundamentals and make ways they can improve at soul calibur regularly. For Smash I main Link, Lucina, Wii Fit Trainer & Corrin with a handful of warm up characters. I can play all at extremely high levels of play to a point they can 10 - 0 you in our set but I welcome all challengers to try and prove me wrong! In Tekken I am a well known Lidia, Nina & Julia main who has won many monthlies and weeklies in Rhode Island / New England area as well as placing well at some high level majors I know enough to keep up and get you out of pools for sure! I can help any player reach that next level they may be craving for. I also have 20+ years of tournament organization in smash as well as 9+ years for fighting games offline and online Because of covid 19 I am back with my tournament series online! For anyone looking to get in on some Smash action Every First Wednesday Of The Month at 5PM EST https://www.smash.gg/Warm_Up_Online Catch me on commentary for top 3 at https://twitch.tv/ugslive at 8PM EST. For anyone looking to brawl it out in Dead Or Alive 6 catch me Monday night at 8:30PM EST where I am also commentating! https://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/hood-weekly-online-tournaments-every-monday-7-30pm-central-time.8805/ Hope to see you guys soon at my upcoming events for 2021 TOP 3 GET CASH PRIZES!!!

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