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My name is Marius, in game known as Veigar V2. I've played League of Legends since season 3, in that season I finished bronze. I realized I wanted to do more with the game once I reached challenger, and have been coaching now professionally for over 3 years. I have self taught myself from bronze to challenger and now it's your turn - lets go on this journey together! I have coached many challenger-lcs/lec pro players. Examples are; Rekkles, Ne... Read more

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  • Available 2:00 PM Saturday
  • Live Sessions starting at $85

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League of Legends

League of Legends

4 lessons

Live sessions

We will Review a game that you have prepared. Make sure you have a youtube video of you playing or a stream vod ready. We will also go over your OPGG, runes, items, champion mechanics etc, basically everything you could struggle with will be covered. Im not so strict about how long the session lasts, its usually like 1 hour 15 minutes-30mins.


$120.00 USD