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Being the Best Zelda main for the past 3 smash installments, it has really given me a different look on the game and the character itself. I've been traveling the United States and have been in different communities throughout the decade I have been playing smash and have lots of experiences that really help me help my students achieve success in the game. I've also helped shaped the meta for Zelda for the past decade and have contributed a lot to the character itself. Being committed to Zelda for the past 3 smash installments has made me develop a very unique playstyle that is a combination of my experiences from the past decade and have led me to the success I have found in Smash Ultimate. I wish to share my knowledge of smash with my students so they may too find success. Zelda things aside, being committed to a character that is usually portrayed as a low tier has made me develop very strong fundamentals. Using a character that doesn't have the best tools has helped me find new ways to approach the game that are otherwise over looked. I believe that fundamentals are more important the technical aspect side of the game. If you're looking to improve on your fundamentals, mentality, how to review your own vods, and just become a better player overall, I am the coach you are looking for!

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Zelda Master Class: Neutral (Recorded)

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Zelda Deconstructed
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A-Z Guide on how to play Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) in Smash Ultimate. First lesson: Link is the little guy in the green tunic. Don’t call him Zelda.