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Hello! Hope you are doing well. My tag is Venom, and I've been playing Smash Bros competitively since Smash Bros Wii.U, so for about 8 years now. Ever since, I've been ranked top 3 in my region consistently, and I've been top 10 in the Smash Canada Ultimate Rankings. I am a Shoto specialist, so I play a bunch of Ryu and Ken, and I've been regarded as one of the best with those characters ever since Ryu came out in Smash 4 (Well not Ken, he was... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Are you unsure where to start? Welcome! In here, we'll get to introduce ourselves, and you'll tell me all about your current level as player and what are your goals. We will afterwards do a first to five, and I'll go over what I've noticed with tips and tricks that I believe will help you while keeping your goals in mind! Best way to summarize: This is a "mini free session" ... Read more



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