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I'm wolverene, and I'm a Challenger player and coach in the NA amateur scene. I first started coaching 5 years ago and I've been Challenger since season 8. I've coached players across all elos for 1000s of hours, including Challenger players that went on to play Academy, and even win an Academy championship. Despite being a coach for so long I've maintained a high level of play; I play all roles at a Challenger level, and can teach you any of th... Read more

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League of Legends

League of Legends

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This is the standard session, where we'll review your opgg --runes, items, soloq habits -- and then go into a replay and look over your gameplay, where we'll figure out where you can improve. The emphasis will be on your thought processes and patterns of play, rather than just the individual mistakes you made in that game. At the end, I'll highlight which issues are actually ... Read more
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