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I am wrthcrw (wraith-crew), an educational content creator in Voltaic. I personally specialize in personal mechanics, such as movement, aim, positioning, and teamwork. I never started as someone who was 'naturally gifted' at games. I started Overwatch in Bronze, and I started in Apex Legends with a KD less than 1. I've driven myself towards improvement and play to improve all the time and I can find an effective teaching strategy that works for ... Read more

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  • “The session with Wrthcrw was so much fun and eye-opening. I’m excited about playing Apex after the knowledge I gained from this session. She reviewed my Vods and quickly identified my strengths/weaknesses with encouragement. The whole session felt like I was talking to a friend that truly cared about my progression in the game and well-being. I’m booking more sessions with Wrthcrw after I write this! Thank you Wrthcrw and Metafy for the amazing opportunity!!”


  • “This is the first time I've ever even considered reaching out to someone to learn more about Apex after playing for a year and wrthcrw is SUPER sweet and extremely patient -I was missing out on a lot of fundamentals that I didn't even know I was lacking, and she took the time to explain everything very thoroughly and provided examples to make sure that I understood the concept and why it was important. Additionally, I got to learn about all the small details and reasons for why / when to use more flashy and mechanically useful movement techniques that provided me with areas to work on in the future and look forward to using in game. Overall, wrthcrw is very encouraging and provides an incredibly comfortable environment that's easy to learn in and follow along regardless of skill. I'd highly recommend booking a session with her if you're looking to improve in any way, casually or competitively!”


  • “It was absolutely fantastic. I learnt so much. Figuring out my mistakes and how to improve was so eye opening.”


  • “This was my second session with Wrthcrw and it went fantastic. During my first session, she helped me develop a plan to overcome some plateaus I was experiencing in game and afterward I improved more than I ever had in my entire gaming career. In this session, she went over some advanced concepts that I had overlooked and helped me identify exactly what I needed to focus on to refine my gameplay. Every minute of the session was packed full of valuable and advanced information. I'm very excited to start applying what I learned and I expect to see rapid improvement, just as I did in our first session. I 100% recommend Wraith to anyone wanting to improve, no matter your skill level!”


  • “This was my second session and would highly recommend to anyone trying to improve their in game knowledge/mechanics. Wrath is a great coach. She is very positive, well spoken, and creates a solid atmosphere for you to be able to learn in. She doesn't just give you the answers on how to improve, she asks important questions that helps you figure it out on your own. Also has great knowledge on the game and overall just fun to work with. 10/10”


  • “A very kind understanding person who pointed out the flaws in both my mechanics and gameplay, but also pointed out when I played scenarios correctly.”


  • Available 10:00 PM Saturday
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Looking to improve ANY of your mechanics? This session will help you improve any mechanics you're looking for, and if you're not sure what mechanics you're lacking - I'll help you find out! I can help you improve your aim, movement in fights, positioning, macro, micro, anything you need. Your session may be streamed live on my Twitch channel and made into a Youtube video.
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