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Started playing Smash as a little kid with Smash 64, maining Mario in every single game. Started the competitive scene in 2014 with Smash Wii U, and the rest is history. Most people know me for my devastating "Zenyou Combos", which I take with me into Smash Ultimate. I try to share my experience in a way that's helpful to anyone at any skill level, to learn how to be a fundamentally stronger player, make better decisions, and up your gameplay. ... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

7 lessons

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Zenyou will personally play you for an hour and give you criticism: UNCONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Which means, he will ROAST your gameplay without holding back. Brutal honesty. Can be done on stream, and done through voice chat! Both are totally optional. Also, if you'd like this to be uploaded to Youtube you can as well per request.


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