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Power rank: 9th Rank 1 Global 2v2s Peak Elo: 2900 Primary Region: EU Mainly known for consistent top 8 placements in the Brawlhalla world tour circuit. My highest placements achieved are top 3 in the Midseason Championship Low-Tier City and Winter Championship 2v2. Tons of coaching experience. Main weapons: RANK 1 SPEAR EU, Sword, Hammer, Bow, Orb, Gauntlets. (I specialize in these weapons but I can play every weapon to a top 32/2600 Elo level... Read more

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In this session, I will watch you either play ranked or spar someone at a similar skill level to yourself. I will point out your bad habits and give you tips/advice to further improve. Will summarise what you can do practice and improve independently.


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