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Metafy affiliate benefits


Get up to 33% in commission of the LTV for every new paying Metafy member.


With Metafy’s dedicated affiliate team you will have your questions answered and receive the help you need


As an affiliate, you'll have access to regularly refreshed logos, ads, and banners to help optimize conversions.

Why Metafy

The world’s biggest place for gamers

Metafy is the premier destination for learning about and improving at your favorite games. You can book 1-on-1 sessions with the top players in gaming, or send in pre-recorded footage and get detailed feedback from an Expert of your choice.

You can also sign up for a Metafy Membership and access a mountain of content ranging from educational content, documentaries about pivotal moments in the scene, podcasts, and lots more.

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You will find a broad range of creative assets that will make it easy for you to promote Metafy they way you like it.

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Frequently asked questions

We’re from the future. Here are the questions you were going to ask. More information also available on this page : Get a head start

How does the Metafy Affiliate Program work and who is it for?
What is the commission structure?
How will I get paid and how often?
How to get started as an affiliate?
Where can I find Metafy banners, logos etc?
Can Metafy Experts and content creators join the Affiliate Program?
How do I get in touch with you?
Can I please read the fine print?

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