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This is not for people who quit easily. If you don't plan to train for your results, don't buy this. This is not meant as a challenge to increase sales. This will last for at least 2 months, and it'd be kinda weird if you bought it then quit half way through. This is not for those who are currently feeling like they know their issues and what they need to do to train them or for those who are currently finding generalized routines fit their needs. Obviously. I come in to make your training better, if your training is good, I don't serve a purpose. If you still feel your in the criteria for this session, keep reading. If you don't know, feel free to schedule a free consultation. In this session, I will do 1 60 minute routine creation, and then I will alternate 2 sets of 10 Minute Vod Reviews and 30 Minute Sessions. These are all sessions that can be bought outside the training plan, and would total to a price of about $215. This can be seen as a bundled discount in a way. The focus will be updating and adjusting your routine as time goes on to make your training as efficient as possible. If after a session your routine works really well and you don't want to schedule a follow up vod or check in for months, that is fine. I would not recommend going less than 2 or 3 weeks between these sessions, meaning that this is a minimum of 2 months worth of coaching. At the end of those two months, hopefully your aim will be better. I'm not going to promise any degree of improvement as there are far too many factors out of my control to do so.

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