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The Comprehensive Guide to Drafting by SlashStrike
Introduction Playing Dota without drafting knowledge is like running laps blindfolded. You'll be on autopilot and may occasionally do fine, but the moment you run into anything unusual you'll fall dramatically. Anybody playing competitive Dota will tell you that the draft is half the game, and a complete outdraft can make the game damn near impossible. Being a good player and making the right decisions in any given game requires a solid understanding of the lineups in that game. In other words, understanding the draft. I'm also offering an interactive online course containing further examples, questions and exercises on drafting here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/slashstrike/e/156737 Solo-Queue Drafting Now, you might be thinking: "I can only pick my own hero in solo-queue, so why would I care about drafting? Everybody just picks what they want to and we often end up with terrible lineups!" The fact that your solo-queue lineup will often have massive shortcomings is exactly why you should get good at drafting. You need to know what those weaknesses are so that you can adjust your playstyle and expectations of the game accordingly (and no, I don't mean "afk go next"). Example I Take a look at this example - seems like both lineups are fairly decent, right? Not great, not terrible. When you look closer, however, you'll notice that your team has zero stuns while the enemy team has four highly mobile heroes. When your lineup has zero disables and you're facing a bunch of mobile enemies, you need to fit an Atos / Orchid / Eul's / Hex into your build, even if it is not a regular item on your hero. If you don't, you will never be able to stop enemies from running away or running you over. In this particular example, more than one of these items will probably be necessary. - Warlock could build a Rod of Atos, for example after Arcane Boots and Glimmer - Omniknight could go for a Eul's as his second major item - Timber can aim for an early Eul's, or a 3rd item Scythe of Vyse - Zeus should consider a 3rd or 4th item Scythe of Vyse - Lifestealer should consider (apart from the usual Basher & Abyssal Blade) getting an
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