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Check out my YouTube for samples of my coaching VOD reviews: With over a decade in MOBAs, I've consistently proven myself at elite levels, ranging from solo endeavors to captaining top-tier global teams. League of Legends (Started 2011): Achieved Challenger Solo Queue: Seasons 4, 5, 9. Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) (Since 2016): Attained Rank #1 and #2 Grandmaster in the inaugural Hero League season. Consistently top-ranked in following Hero League/Storm League seasons, including simultaneously holding GM #1, #2, and #3 on three different accounts (all solo queue). Represented North America at HGC international events, including BlizzCon 2017 and GCWC Beijing 2017. HGC Pro player and CCL S1 MVP. Captain of Simplicity HOTS CCL team: Champions in Seasons 1, 2, and 4. Led team 30K to a 1st place finish at the HOTS International World Championship in Miami, 2022 and secured 2nd place in Berlin, 2023. Coaching Philosophy: Leveraging my extensive background, I offer personalized coaching focusing on strategy, skill development, and mental fortitude. We'll collaboratively assess your gameplay, design a unique development plan, and sharpen your in-game prowess. Whether you're targeting top-tier ranks or enhancing your gameplay depth, you'll benefit from my tested strategies and deep game insight. For more information, connect on Twitter, Discord, or Twitch.

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