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FPL Season 12 Power Rankings
This is the 12th season of the fabled Pokemon Draft League FPL, and the draft has just recently concluded for the whopping 36 coaches entered. With a diverse array of top talent from around the globe, this season is quickly shaping up to be one of the best competitive seasons of the league to date. For this reason, Luppy and I have decided to go team-by-team and collectively rank all FPL teams by their drafts. Our ranking system is described in a previous article (see - Drafting Essentials: Forge Your Champions https://metafy.gg/pokemon-scarlet-and-violet/series/drafting-essentials-forge-your-champions-oXW8yYxjpdW7), and you can read more about it here. We will be breaking down each team into one of five tiers based on their composite score consisting of typings, support, speed, and the eye test. If you are a current FPL coach curious about how your team stacks up, or an outsider curious as to the ins and outs of draft rankings looking for a concrete example of what to look for in a draft, this article is for you. With that being said, let’s get into the first tier of drafts! This will be a very long-winded article with the whopping 36 teams, so read through it at your leisure. The tiers are broken up with headers; teams are ordered from the bottom up to the best teams last. Enjoy! TIER FIVE Chicago Beartics Total: 29 Types: 15 Support: 5 Speed: 5 Eye test: 4 Luppy: Speed tiers are in shambles - nothing in potential scarf speed tier can or wants to.  Tera muk will lose at least 1 key type, lapras feels like a waste. Zach: Lots of strong offensive pressure with the top three, but the utility falls off a bit with some large speed gaps in the middle. Webs helps, but without veil/wish support/durable defensive backbone, this team is going to have to hit hard and fast to win. Teras were also some odd choices, Lapras is an odd choice as well. Oakland Incineraiders Total: 32 Types: 13 Support: 5 Speed: 11 Eye test: 3 Luppy: So many repeat types that leaves with no flying type and unreliable ground type (tera) and scald switch ins. Zero removal Zach: Lack of removal really holds this team back. Lots of good pieces with psychic terrain core, solid setup, and a decent backbone, but lack of hazard control and a good cleric hurts a lot. Also will likely have to rely on hyper offense to win games. Sailing Swamperts Total:
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