League of Legends
Hello, I'm new here. I just want to know which champions in the bot lane you pick as hard counters. I know a little, for example, Ashe to counter Vayne and Varus to counter Caitlyn. I learned some of this from @twitch-tv-fiction. I want to learn more about it so I can counter pick more often. Thank you.
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Depends on a lot. Generally picking an ADC to counter another ADC is not really that impactful comparing to Top countering Top or Mid countering Mid or Supp countering Supp or ADC. Example, Samira is huge counter to Aphelios. But if you don't have engage supp anyway, then you can't really use why she counters Aphelios. Also if your playing against a full enemy team of peel, peel, peel, then it does not matter that you vacuum counter Aphelios because you wont be able to play the game, so you gotta look at the game broader than just vacuum counters. But generally for botlane as a whole, not just adc vs adc:
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